The Importance of Touch

Touch is a basic human need, and nurturing touch is fundamental to our well being; simply noticing how a parent responds to their injured child or a person rubs an area immediately after hurting it, is simple proof of this.

There are many types of touch therapies, massage therapy being one of the more commonly known generic terms. As a touch therapy, massage has been around for many thousands of years. There are numerous massage modalities, some of the most well known being; swedish massage, holistic massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, therapeutic massage and Thai massage. Most therapists integrate many techniques from various disciplines within their sessions.

All massage activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself and therefore increase health and well-being. For this reason massage therapy in its many forms has become increasingly popular in recent years as the many benefits are being better understood and more widely recognised.

Added to this the increased pressures of modern life have seen more and more people seek relaxation techniques to reduce stress in the form of meditation, yoga and relaxation massage.